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All 100 climbs from the original best selling book have been professionally filmed so you can ‘Ride them all’ whenever you want.

Transport yourself to Hardknott Pass, Rosedale Chimney or Bealach-na-Ba all in the ‘dis-comfort’ of your own home. This unique resource is now the ultimate tool for any rider wanting to recce or simulate riding the parcour of Britain’s greatest roads. Whether you’re preparing for a key race/sportive, or simply want to enrich and inspire your turbo sessions, look no further.

Each of the 8 HD Downloads feature the climbs from a single region just like the chapters of the book. Once you’ve decided which area you want to ride in, select a climb to match the training you have planned, hit play and let the suffering begin!

Click here to DOWNLOAD all 100 or region by region.

For a taster take a look at the trailer above

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