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Want to try something different?
Come and ride a 100 Climbs Challenge. 'The reinvention of the sportive.'

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The first of these events was run in 2022 and the concept was so well received by all who rode I just had to organise another. I was too busy/lazy in 2023 but this year I’ve got organised and this time based in my home city of Sheffield the concept returns bigger and better.

How does a 100 Climbs challenge work?
It’s simple.

1. I tell you which hills to ride. (All taken from my books and apps)
2. You plot the route. That’s right, YOU plot the route. There are no arrows to follow, there’s no .gpx file to download, just a series of points on a map to link in whatever way you wish, a bit like orienteering, but on a bike and with big hills. To make it a challenge each climb is attributed an amount of points adding up to a total of 75 from which you will need to score 40 to qualify as a finisher. This presents you the rider with the task of plotting the best course to outwit the other riders and get back in the shortest distance.

(It’s not a race though, speed is of no consequence)

You should be able to put together a route at around 100km to bag the required points, however if you want a real challenge and want to RIDE THEM ALL, you will be looking at closer to 180km! There will be a prize for shortest distance covered to reach 40 points, and the shortest distance for all 75 points, but no prizes for time!

How do you know you have scored the points?
The event uses an an App called iOrienteering which you will NEED to download to your phone for FREE here for Apple and or here for Android.

(Registration only takes a couple of minutes, and this is best done prior to event day.)

When you arrive at the HQ, scan the Load Event QR code and this will load the climbs into the app, then when you are ready to start, scan the Start QR code and get going. When you arrive at the top of each climb there will be a board with another QR code. When you scan this it tells the app you have completed the climb and allocates you points. When you hit 40 points you can come home and scan the finish QR code then publish your results which will be displayed on the big screen for all to see.













For a MORE detailed explanation on how to use and install the app click the images above.

Now the most important part, THE CLIMBS!
Below are the counting climbs and their corresponding points, and yes Bamford Clough is in there! DARE YOU TRY IT? Points are allocated not just on difficulty but location and you can see their rough locations on the map below (click to enlarge) and clicking on the name of each climb will take you to it's Strava page so you can see clearly which direction to ride it. The 100 Climbs APP is also an excellent tool to help plan!

Pearoyd Lane 6 Points
Midhopestones Bank 3 Points
Ewden Bank /AKA Deliverance 8 Points
Oughtibridge Lane /AKA Jaw Bone 4 Points
Wheel Lane 4 Points
Woodfall Lane 5 Points
Spout Lane 3 Points
Lodge Lane 5 Points
Burbage Moor / AKA The Dale 5 Points
Bamford Clough 3 Points
Beast of Bradwell 7 Points
Froggatt 3 Points
Middleton Lane 6 Points
Curbar Edge 7 Points
Pindale 6 Points

NOTE! All climbs MUST be ridden the way they are described in my books, as seen on the map above. CHEATS WILL BE FOUND AND PUBLICLY SHAMED.

Entry is £35 and run through my shop, just buy an entry send me your name and address then I will send more details closer to day, oh and it's LIMITED to just 100 riders so don’t delay!


Other information

HQ. The event headquarters are in Sheffield at the 142nd Sheffield Scout Hall, 551 Fulwood Road, Sheffield, S10 3QH. The hall will be open from 08.00 and the official start time is 09.00. Last rider must be back for 17.00 as this is when the hall closes!

Food and Free stuff. There will be free coffee and cake at the start and fresh cooked pizza and other refreshments at the finish but out on the road you have to fend for yourselves, that's all part of the challenge. Places to fuel up have been marked on the map though to help you a little though. Every rider who completes the challenge will recieve a unique finishers sign for their wall and a 100 Climbs challenge Buff!! CONFIRLMED. Wood Fired Pizza have been booked to feed you at the end, Pizza's made to order between 13.00 and 16.00.

Parking. Ride out if you can but there is plenty of parking in near by streets.

Insurance. I attemped to run the event using British Cycling's insurance which would have been great but because there was no fixed route I couldn't return a satisfactory risk assesment so I am going to follow the process the CTT use for their events and have each rider sign a disclaimer.

"I will ride within the rules of the road and look after myself and others. I understand that the event is held wholly or in part on public or private property or the public highway and that I participate therein entirely at my own risk and that no liability whatever shall be attached to the promoter for any injury loss or damage suffered by me in or by reason of the event however caused."

Risk it for the biscuit!

Any questions? Get in touch at


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