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Track League, Thursday February 23rd.

Having good legs and being in a position to make use of them is something that comes around only a couple of times a year but on this night at the Derby Velodrome it all came together. Taking a win in the points race, the tempo race and a third place in the scratch race was just exceptional for me.


The Ronde Van Calderdale.

It was BRUTAL. Utterly relentless. 13 cobbled climbs!! Legs cramped. Arms cramped. What a bloody brilliant event! It is a MUST RIDE EVERYONE!


A tie between The Etape du Tour and The National Hill Climb.

I’ve ridden many big sportives but this was my first Etape and it did not disappoint. I was a bit under the weather but it didn’t matter in the end because just being a part of it was enough to have me smiling for weeks. Epic scenery, a brutal course, huge crowds, it had everything.

This year’s National Hill Climb was the best ever, the setting, the supporters, the organisation were next level, no one will ever forget that amazing day on The Struggle.


Trying to beat two hours for a 50 mile TT on a road bike

The first 25 miles were a breeze but then things slowly started to fall apart and the last 10 miles were just pure self harm. I really hurt myself to make it, stopping the clock at 1.58.22.


The National Hill Climb

The whole goal for the year was to be top three in my age group in the National Hill Climb on The Struggle and I only went and bloody did it. I was second in the 50-55 category, 20th vet overall and 142nd from 275 senior males.


An early morning spin around Tokyo.

Navigating through the Megalopolis on its excellent cycling infrastructure and bagging Tokyo’s steepest street was a very special experience. Riding up Mt Fuji wasn’t too bad either ;-)

I hope you all had some great experiences on two wheels in 2023.

Happy New Year everyone.



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