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Digital postcards from hills to mountains.

The Les Black trophy

OK, it’s not the Tour de France, but to me it’s the one prize I crave the most, the Les Black trophy for the winner of the annual Norwood Paragon club hill climb. Most clubs tend to hold their hill climb at the end of the season, around late September or early October, but the Norwood Paragon have always favoured a summer spot, typically the first Tuesday in August. There are benefits, it’s much warmer and because it’s light for longer we can hold it in the evening so as not to overcrowd the weekends. On the flip side though, it being the season of BBQ’s and summer holidays it usually means we’re all carrying a little bit too much weight and key competitors are often away on holiday (their l

Britain's Greatest

Cycling Climbs BOX SET

Comprising a total of 545 ascents from the tip of Cornwall all the way up to the highlands of Scotland, the eight region-specific volumes of Britain’s Greatest Cycling Climbs contain the most comprehensive documentation of Britain’s hills ever compiled for road cyclists.


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