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Digital postcards from hills to mountains.

The old school fixed

The weather in the UK has been pretty dire as of late, freezing rain, ice, snow, you know, basic crappy winter stuff, so to break up the monotony of cranking out miles on the roads, or having to avoid them because they’re just too dangerous I like to take to the trails. Now, that isn’t too unusual is it? Thing is I don’t own a mountain bike, I don’t have a cross bike, an adventure bike or even a gravel bike, so what do I ride? I take my ‘hack’ bike’. My steal frame, odd wheels, 69 inch fixed gear, single front brake, no nonsense ‘hack’ bike. Back in the late 80’s at my first cycling club, Newark Castle CC, it became apparent that if I was going to join in with the pre Xmas club rides, then o

Britain's Greatest

Cycling Climbs BOX SET

Comprising a total of 545 ascents from the tip of Cornwall all the way up to the highlands of Scotland, the eight region-specific volumes of Britain’s Greatest Cycling Climbs contain the most comprehensive documentation of Britain’s hills ever compiled for road cyclists.


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