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Digital postcards from hills to mountains.

Man flu? Pah. Man flu is nothing compared to Cyclist’s flu. NOTHING.

There’s been a bit in the news this week about Man Flu, some (male) scientist somewhere has claimed to prove it exists, which of course was instantly greeted by all women collectively sighing and placing their heads in their hands. Man flu, (or the common cold) as virulent as it is, is nothing though, nothing compared to cyclist’s flu. Man flu may stop you going into work, stop you going to the office party, but cyclist’s flu, that stops you riding your bike, that robs you of your very reason to live. You know it’s coming, bit of a sore throat, runny nose, then you start to feel tired and you ache, then it hits. Throw the training plan out of the window, throw everything out of the window, c

Britain's Greatest

Cycling Climbs BOX SET

Comprising a total of 545 ascents from the tip of Cornwall all the way up to the highlands of Scotland, the eight region-specific volumes of Britain’s Greatest Cycling Climbs contain the most comprehensive documentation of Britain’s hills ever compiled for road cyclists.


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